IT Solutions

IT outsourcing services for your business - Giving you the freedom to focus on growing your business. By providing dedicated IT support, your computers are up to date, secure and always ready to be put to work!

Small business IT solutions:

Managed Virus Protection

Virus Protection Managed by our staff. We’re alerted when viruses are found and will remove them as needed.

Managed Patch Management

We'll ensure your computers are up to date with the latest Microsoft Windows patches. In addition we ensure that your 3rd party software is up to date.

Managed Document Backup

We'll ensure your important documents are safely backed up. We will back up unlimited amounts of your documents such as PDFs, Microsoft Office Documents, & Text Documents.*

Managed Web Protection

Protect you and your staff from harmful websites. In addition we can help you block types of content or specific websites.

Daily Computer Checks

We daily check into your computer’s most important functions to make sure they are running as they should. Basic checks include, hard drive health & space, Windows Services, Failed Logon Reports and more.

Help Desk Support

Unlimited support for maintenance related issues. As issues arise our team will help you troubleshoot and resolve any issues that you might have with your technology.

Need an IT support technician? Our technicians give you peace of mind by freeing up your time to focus on your business. We remove the distraction of providing IT help so that you can focus on growing your company and making money. When something goes wrong we provide 24 hour computer support and services to get you back up and running quickly.

Unsure what your next move is?

We provide consulting for a wide range of small business IT Solutions.


Outsourcing IT Management Solutions:

In a day and age where technology is interwoven with almost all of our daily operations, untimely computer crashes can hurt the production of your business. A couple of key questions every business leader should ask: How long can your business survive unexpected stoppage of work? Are you currently protected from disasters waiting to happen? 


Without proper support systems in place to monitor and fix technical problems, your all-important capital could be at risk with employees left without the ability to continue daily operations. With all the benefits and dependence on the technology available in today’s world, companies can be exposed to a very risky situation when inevitable downtimes occur. Outsourcing IT management can stand as your lifeguard to watch over your business and ensure everything continues to run smoothly. 


What would that entail? Managed IT provides an IT technician who instructs you on how to properly incorporate and use technology in a manner that prevents the unexpected, protecting from risk and saving you when tides turn and the pool of ever-changing technological advances becomes overwhelming. 


Now by no means is this meant to scare you from incorporating technology into your day to day operations, in fact, we highly encourage it! Our goal is to simply inform you about the importance of outsourcing your IT management. At Oly Tech Guys®, we believe in the power of securing your business and implementing systems that monitor the safety and security of your network. Continue reading below to discover the difference outsourcing IT Management can make for you.

 Your Cost-Effective IT Solution:

Oly Tech Guys® takes pride in providing you expert-level knowledge, understanding, and security, at a fraction of the cost to hire a full-time IT technician. Why pay for the salary of an employee providing the same level of care and protection as Oly Tech Guys®, when you can outsource your IT management for a month-to-month contract? Our staff has the experience and capability to handle any technical issues that arise. With hands-on experience with disruptive downtimes and more than capable tools to monitor your computer systems health, Oly Tech Guys® is well equipped to serve you in your time of need. We are focused on managing, solving, and preventing all your IT related problems, so you never have to worry again. With limitless access to Oly Tech Guys®’ help, you can rest confidently knowing we’ll be there to save the day. We are dedicated to identifying and fulfilling all your IT management demands for an affordable price because we believe every company should have an IT professional in their corner that supports and secures the operation of the business. 


Your Local IT Solution (Simple WA map highlighting and focused on Thurston County)

Serving Thurston County is our mission. Our staff knows the great Tumwater, Olympia, and Lacey area like the inside of your computer. With a prime central location for our office, you can be certain that Oly Tech Guys® is there when you need us most. From one local business to another, we will do our part to make sure your operation is smooth and successful. Oly Tech Guys® loves serving our community and the businesses within it. Working with someone through video conferences and the internet is great, as people have never been able to connect with each other more than ever before, but nothing can replace the quality and intentionality of working with someone local. Someone who can physically be there to support you and your employees when times hit hard. Someone who can check-in to make sure all your needs are met. That’s who we are, a local business looking to serve Thurston County with a personal touch.


IT Services Available: 


  • Maintenance & monitoring for workstations & servers 
  • Virus Protection
  • Updates & Patch Installs
  • Backups 
  • Network Service & Support 
  • Network Security Updates & Firewall Management
  • Productivity Software Management (G-Suite, Office 365) 
  • Email management
  • Help Desk Support 

Additional Services

  • Computer Repair
  • Computer Sales
  • On-Site Troubleshooting
  • IT Project Management 
  • Business Continuity/Productivity Consulting
  • Network/Infrastructure Design



In order to successfully run your business, it is essential to have a solution for all your IT related issues. Your time is valuable, and you can not afford to waste it focusing your attention on the inevitable breakdown of your equipment. From small business startups to well-established organizations in the Thurston County community, Oly Tech Guys® has you covered with an affordable IT management service designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Oly Tech Guys® is honored to be voted as one of the finalists for the best IT service providers in the South Sound. The way we got here is the same way we will continue to grow and provide for more and more people down the road, by taking care of our clients. Our dedication to going above and beyond with quality service earned us a spot in the Best of South Sound conversation, but most importantly, it is a testament to our impact on every one of our current partners today. It would be our pleasure to serve you and your business with dedicated IT management, freeing your focus towards growing your business.

IT outsourcing services include:

Full Computer Backups, Regular Risk Assessment, Office 365 & G-Suite Management, Mail Assure Protection

*If you need your pictures or other files backed up we can add full system back-ups as an add-on.