We provide support services and repairs for any type of computer, mobile device or network device.

We help you understand the technology around you through coaching, consulting, troubleshooting, installing, and general maintenance. We provide computer repair services at our location or anywhere in the Lacey, Olympia and greater Puget Sound area.

Our goal is to provide the resources you need to save time, feel good about your decisions, and take advantage of all the things today’s latest gadgets have to offer.

Meet John

John Hansman has been in the Home Security industry for 16 years. Over this time, he has managed a 24 hour Central Monitoring System, sold security systems, and worked in an install and service department as a computer consultant.

Since John was a young man, he has been the person that friends turned to for help with technology issues. This has included troubleshooting, training and repairing systems for them.

John’s many years of experience in a very technology focused field, his love of people and his desire to teach people how to make the most of their technology drives this business. John is patient and enjoys giving one on one attention to each customer he interacts with. If you’re looking for someone to help you feel comfortable with your technology or figure out why something is not functioning as it should, Oly Tech Guys is the company for you!